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Agilent N9020A
MXA Signal Analyzer
 25 MHz analysis bandwidth
 Modern connectivity: LXI-C certified, USB, 100based-T LAN, GPIB
 Most advanced user interface in an analyzer / Open Windows XP operating system
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Agilent N9020A Front Photo Agilent N9020A Left Photo Agilent N9020A Right Photo Agilent N9020A Back Photo
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Options List
 Model  Description
105Link to EEsof ADS/SystemVue
106Link to MathWorks Simulink
20089601B Software
212Application Visible
213Measure Data
214Print Data
220Virtual Machine
255Play Demo Data
300Hardware Connectivity
401Analog Modulation Analysis
503Frequency range, 20 Hz to 3.6 GHz
508Frequency Range, 20Hz to 8.4GHz
513Frequency range, 20 Hz to 13.6 GHz
526Frequency Range, 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz
89601XFP-205Basic VXA-lite
89601XFP-333X-Series Analyzer Connectivity
89601XFP-AYAVector Modulation Analysis, Fixed Perpetual License
89601XFP-B7RWLAN Modulation Analysis
AYAVector Modulation Analysis
B2525MHz Analysis Bandwidth
B75IEEE 802.16 OFDM Modulation Analysis
B7RWLAN Modulation Analysis
B7Tcdma2000/1xEV-DV Modulation Analysis
B7UW-CDMA/HSPA Modulation Analysis
B7W1xEV-DO Modulation Analysis
B7XTD-SCDMA Modulatin Analysis
B7YMobile/Fixed WiMAX Modulation Analysis
B7Z802.11n HT Modulatin Analysis
BBAAdd Analog Baseband IQ Inputs
BHBMB-OFDM UWB Modulatin Analysis
BHCRFID Modulation Analysis
BHDLTE FDD Modulation Analysis
BHELTE TDD Modulation Analysis
BHFCustom OFDM Modulation Analysis
BHGLTE-Advanced FDD Modulation Analysis
BHHLTE-Advanced TDD Modulation Analysis
BHJ802.11ac Modulation Analysis
DP2Digital Processor, 2 GB Capture Memory
EA3Electronic Attenuator Up to 3.6GHz
EFMUSB Storage Device (1GB Blank)
FS1Fast Sweep Capability
KYBUSB Keyboard
MPBMicrowave Preselector Bypass
MSEMouse, USB Interface
N9060A-2FPSpectrum Analyzer Measurement Application
N9060A-3FPAmplitude Correction and Limit Lines
N9060A-4FPTOI and Harmonics
N9060A-5FPACP 18 Carrier
N9060A-6FPTV Trigger and IQ Analyzer Enhancement
N9060A-7FPZero Span, Register, Trace
N9060B-2FPSpectrum Analyzer Measurement Application
N9061A-1FPRemote Language Compatibility, 8566/68, Fixed Perpetual License
N9061A-2FPRemote language compatibility, 856xE/EC, Fixed Perpetual License
N9063AAnalog Demodulation Measurement Application
N9063A-2FPAnalog Demodulation Measurement Application, Transportable Perpetual License
N9063A-AFPNo Detail Description
N9063A-AFPNo Detail Description
N9064A-1FPVector Signal Analysis Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9064A-2FPFlexible Digital Modulation Analysis Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9064A-2FPFlexible Digital Modulation Analysis Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9068APhase Noise Measurement Application
N9068A-2FPPhase Noise Measurement Application
N9068A-AFPPhase Noise Feature Enhancements
N9069ANoise Figure Measurement Application
N9069A-1FPNoise Figure Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9069A-AFPNoise Figure Feature Enhancements, Fixed Perpetual License
N9071A-2FPGSM/EDGE Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9072A-2FPCDMA2000 Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9073A-1FPW-CDMA Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9073A-2FPHSDPA/HSUPA Measurement Application
N9073A-3FP HSPA+ Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9073A-XFPSingle Acquisition Combined W-CDMA Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9075AMobile WiMAX Measurement Application
N9075A-2FPMobile WiMAX Measurement Application,Fixed Perpetual License
N9076A-1FP1xEV-DO Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9080A-1FPLTE-FDD Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License
N9080B-1FRTE/LTE-Advanced FDD Measurement Application
N9082A-1FPLTE TDD Measurement Application, Fxed Perpetual License
N9082B-1FPLTE/LTE-Advanced TDD Measurement Application
P03Preamplifier, 3.6 GHz
P08Add Preamplifier 8.4GHz
P13Add preamplifier, 13.6 GHz
P26Preamplifier, 26.5 GHz
PFRUpgrade to the Precision Frequency Reference
RTLReal Time Link
SSDAdditional Removable Solid State Drive
W7XOperating system, Windows Embedded Standard 7
WXPWindows XP Embedded Operating System
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Price :
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