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Anritsu MD8480C
W-CDMA Signaling Tester
 Applications UE testing for W-CDMA/HSPA, GSM/GPRS/EGPRS support Application testing including HSPA compliance Interoperability testing for UEs and networks Research and development of W-CDMA/HSPA (UMTS) chipsets Modulation/demodulation tests for W-CDMA/HSPA mobile phones Achieves 14 Mbps maximum data throughput Configurable for up to 4 base stations for handover testing and other multi-system tests Simulates BTS of W-CDMA/HSPA and GSM/GRPS/EGPRS systems Protocol sequence tests for mobile phones such as call set-up and registration Flexible settings for test parameters and sequences for protocol sequences Protocol Trace function Voice, circuit and packet switched application testing such as AMR voice, IP, PPP and ISDN BER and BLER W-CDMA receiver measurements.
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Anritsu MD8480C Front Photo Anritsu MD8480C Left Photo Anritsu MD8480C Right Photo Anritsu MD8480C Back Photo
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Options List
 Model  Description
02Additional RF Unit
03Additional RF Unit 2
MU848056AVoice Codec
MU848060C-01EGPRS (R99)
MU848071EL2 Evolution
MU848072CBTS Unit
MU848072CBTS Unit
MU848072CBTS Unit
MU848072C1BTS Unit
MU848072C1BTS Unit
MU848072C1BTS Unit
MU848072C1BTS Unit
MU848072EBTS Evolution
MU848073CTiming Generator
MU848077CBaseband Interface Unit
MX848001A-01W-CDMA Signalling Tester TX Diversity
MX848001A-02W-CDMA Signalling Tester Compressed Mode
MX848001A-03W-CDMA Signalling Tester Router Connection
MX848001A-04W-CDMA Signalling Tester GSM CSD
MX848001A-05W-CDMA Signalling Tester GSM Frequency Hopping
MX848001A-06W-CDMA Signalling Tester W-CDMA CSD
MX848001A-07Message Encoder/Decoder
MX848001C-11HSDPA TX Diversity
MX848041A-01TX Diversity for Cipering
MX848041A-02Compressed Mode for Ciphering
MX848041C-10HSDPA Ciphering
MX848041C-11HSDPA TX Diversity for Ciphering
MX848041EFirmware for Ciphering
MX848045BGSM/GPRS Ciphering
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