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Anritsu MT8820A
Radio Communication Analyzer 30MHz to 2.7GHz
 Frequency range 30 MHz to 2.7GHz
Advanced DSP and parallel measurement technologies for fast test time
3GPP call processing including Registration
Origination, and Termination
12 Transmitter measurements items including Modulation analysis
Adjacent channel power ratio and Peak code domain error according to 3GPP TS34.121
Bit Error rate (BER) and Block Error rate (BLER) receiver measurements using 3GPP loopback method
One-touch Batch measurement operating mode with Pass/Fail evaluation
Multi-system W-CDMA / GSM capability
1xEV-DO support including external packet data communications measurement capability and IP data communications mode
EDGE/EGPRS measurement software supporting MCS1-MCS4 (GMSK modulation) and MCS5-MCS9 (8PSK modulation) coding
HSDPA call processing and RF transmission/reception measurements for mobile terminals with UE category 1 to 6, 11, and 12
Parallel phone measurement to increase measurement speed, reduce production costs, and save manufacturing space
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Anritsu MT8820A Front Photo Anritsu MT8820A Left Photo Anritsu MT8820A Right Photo Anritsu MT8820A Back Photo
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30 MHz to 2.7 GHz
Options List
 Model  Description
01W-CDMA Measurement Hardware
01W-CDMA Measurement Hardware
02TDMA Measuremnt Hardware
02TDMA Measuremnt Hardware
03CDMA2000 Measurement Hardware
03CDMA2000 Measurement Hardware
041xEV-DO Measurement Hardware
041xEV-DO Measurement Hardware
11Audio Board
12Parallel Phone measurement Hardware
21W-CDMA Measurement Hardware Retrofit
22TDMA Measurement Hardware Retrofit
23CDMA2000 Measurement Hardware Retrofit
241xEV-DO Measurement Hardware Retrofit
31Audio Board Retrofit
32Parallel Phone Measurement Hardware Retrofit
43CDMA2000 Time Offset CAL for GPS SG
MX882000AW-CDMA Measurement Software
MX882000A-01W-CDMA Voice Codec
MX882000BW-CDMA Measurement Software
MX882000B-01W-CDMA Voice Codec
MX882000B-11HSDPA Measurement Software
MX882001AGSM Measurement Software
MX882001A-01GSM Voice Codec
MX882001A-02GSM External Packet Data
MX882001A-11EGPRS Measurement Software
MX882002ACDMA2000 Measurement Software
MX882002A-02CDMA2000 External Packet Data
MX882003A1xEV-DO Measurement Software
MX882003A-021xEV-DO External Packet Data
MX882004APDC Measurement Software
MX882005APHS Measurement Software
MX882005A-11Advanced PHS Measurement Software
MX882010AParallel Phone Measurement Software
MX882022ACDMA2000 Wireless Application Test Software
MX882050AW-CDMA (World Wide) Call Processing Software
MX882050A-02W-CDMA External Packet Data
MX882050A-03W-CDMA Video Phone Test
MX882050A-04W-CDMA Integrity Protection
MX882050A-09W-CDMA Band IX
MX882050A-11HSDPA External Packet Data
MX882051AW-CDMA (Japan Only) Call Processing Software
MX882051A-02W-CDMA External Packet Data
MX882051A-03W-CDMA Video Phone Test
MX882070AW-CDMA Ciphering Software
MX882071AW-CDMA Ciphering Software
Calibration available for Anritsu MT8820A Calibration Interval :
12 months
Price :
USD 360
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