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Schaffner NSG438
 The NSG 438 system generates discharge pulses of 200V to 30kV, in both air discharge and contact discharge operation, and sets the industry standard for ease-of-use with all test controls on the pistol.
The new instrument fulfills the requirements of all known ESD commercial, telecom, military and automotive standards including the IEC, ANSI, SAE, ISO and MIL standards.
Each R-C network is individually tested and certified to be compliant with the relevant standard.
Setups for IEC 61000-4-2 and the automotive standard ISO 10605 are pre-programmed, ensuring that the correct settings are made automatically.
The system also checks that the correct discharge network is inserted.
The complete set of test conditions can be called up on the display at any time.
Test probes can be readily exchanged and various networks can simply be pushed into place.
Probes and discharge networks are coded and generate an error indication in the event of incorrect usage with a defined test.
Like all Schaffner ESD simulators, the NSG 438 regulates the tip voltage and keeps the capacitor fully charged ensuring compliance with the IEC specified 5-second hold-up time. Pre-discharge corona can drain charge from an ESD simulator?s storage capacitor, thereby reducing the test voltage level and causing inaccurate and often inconsistent results.
This is especially important when testing in Air Discharge mode at levels of 8kV and higher.
The NSG 438 indicates the actual cap voltage at the time of the discharge, giving the user confidence that the test is occurring at a repeatable level.
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Schaffner NSG438 Front Photo Schaffner NSG438 Left Photo Schaffner NSG438 Right Photo Schaffner NSG438 Back Photo
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