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RTX Test Solutions
RTX Company Logo

EZU is accredited calibration & repair centre and authorized distributor of RTX Product A/S.

EZU offers CAT-iq, DECT6.0, DECT testers, and also 2.4 / 5.8GHz test equipments and wireless production test solutions.

For more information, you can visit RTX web site at http://www.rtx.dk.

RTX 2300 Modular Test Unit
RTX 2300

RTX 2300

The RTX2300 Modular Test Unit is designed for functional test of wireless products (Bluetooth, GSM, Wi-Fi, etc.) and is highly integrated and designed for a broad variety of applications. The tester can basically be setup as a shielded environment for the wireless Device Under Test (DUT) with customized fixture and with the general purpose instrumentation integrated into the modular test unit. In combination with an external RF tester like RTX2011 or Agilent 8960, the setup is completed to do PCBA- or final-test of wireless device. The unit is easily customized due to the customization area which allows the customer to add e.g. additional measurement channels, propriety interface, etc.

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RTX 2011 RF Test Platform for DECT/DECT 6.0/CAT-iq
RTX 2011

RTX Technology launched a new RF Test Platform for DECT/DECT 6.0/CAT-iq (RTX 2011). In many cases, the Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) CMD60 and CTS60 are used in the RF test process for DECT products, but both of these platforms have now been discontinued, thus creating a gap in the market. Due to RTX-T’s extensive expertise within RF test equipment – gained through the development and installation of more than 600 test racks at factories all over the globe (primarily in China) – RTX-T chose to exploit this market opportunity by launching the RTX 2011. The RTX 2011 is a flexible solution for easy RF test-ing of a wide range of DECT, DECT 6.0 and CAT-iq devices. Furthermore, it is the only tester on the market that natively supports RF tests of the new long-slot format in CAT-iq. In essence, the RTX 2011 is positioned as a suitable replacement for the CTS60 Digital Radio Tester for DECT from R&S.

The RTX 2011 RF Test Platform for DECT/DECT 6.0/CAT-iq# supports a range of different RF tests and can be used for high throughout manufacturing applications, and also serve as a development or service tool.
The tester can basically be setup as either a handset or a base station, with added test capabilities. Used in fixed part testing, the RTX 2011 acts as a handset and the Device Uner Test (DUT) acts as a base station and vice versa.

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CAT-iq logo

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Production Test Equipment
RTX-2030 DECT AirSpy

RTX-2030 DECT AirSpy

The RTX2030 DECT Airspy tool is generic communication monitoring and analyzer for DECT / DECT6.0 / CAT-iq. It consists of a dedicated DECT RF Capture Unit and Windows application SW and can assist developers/installers in performing:

Protocol analysis
Deployment analysis in both single and multi-cell environments
Traffic analysis
Slot and frame timing analysis

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RTX - 2201 2.4 GHz Test Equipment

RTX – 2201 2.4GHz Test Equipment
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RTX – 2501 5.8GHz Test Equipment

RTX 2.4 / 5.8 GHz Communication Tester supports a range of different RF tests and can be used for high throughput manufacturing applications, and also as a development or service tool. The tester can basically be setup as either a handset or a base station, with added test capabilities.

CAT-iq/DECT/DECT 6.0 Tester

Production Solutions

RTX has many years of experience in developing and manufacturing production test equipment for wireless products. They can offer a wide range of different solutions to ensure a fast and cost efficient product launch

DECT EU/US   Product types
2.4GHz / 5.8GHz ISM Cordless phones
Bluetooth Mobile phones
CDMA Car alarms
TD-SCDMA Headsets
GSM/GPRS Music distribution systems
GPS Telephone line extender
NMT 450 Repeaters
    Gaming console
    Home metering devices (M2M)
    Medical products

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About RTX

RTX Telecom A/S is an internationally oriented group and aims to be the preferred wireless engineering partner for the development and production of advanced wireless products. It was established in 1993, and headquarter was found in Denmark. In 2000, it was successfully quoted on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. More than 500 successful wireless product development or OEM/ODM projects. 130 engineering experts with an average experience of 9 years in the telecom industry. Profound technical knowledge and expertise which covers the entire range of wireless technologies.

RTX Telecom was chosen by Microsoft as a development partner for the Wireless Game Pad for Xbox 360 in 2004. More RTX's customers have agreed for the Company to use their names in a reference list. These are: Skype, Microsoft, Atlas Telecom, SiTel Semiconductor, Agilent Technologies, Bang & Olufsen, vtech, GN Netcom, Ascom, Motorola, Uniden, Philips, Jacob Jensen, Kirk, NEC, Dong Energy, Marcatel and Just-Eat.

Skybe Logo
Microsoft Logo
SiTel Logo
vtech logo
GN Netcom Logo
Motorola Logo
NEC Logo
Panasonic Logo
Philips Logo
Siemens Logo

More details and quote, please contact us at info@ezurentals.com

What is CAT-iq?

CAT-iq builds upon the mature and proven DECT technology and it adds a number of new features; one of these features is wideband audio (or HD-voice), and hence, CAT-iq delivers superior voice quality. Voice is the killer application for both DECT and CAT-iq, but CAT-iq has the potential to cover other areas as well. The full power of wideband audio will, however, not be unleashed before CAT-iq is combined with VoIP technology – i.e. an important difference to DECT is that the con-nection to IP applications is essential for CAT-iq and with this a wide spectrum of new opportuni-ties are emerging. The main strength of CAT-iq is the combination of superior voice support and low- to mid-rate data capabilities. New application areas like ad-vanced remote controls and voice interfaces in Gateways are two very central areas for CAT-iq and its engagement within these areas is increasing.

  CAT-iq/DECT Solution Day on 31 Oct 2008

Details of the seminars please aware http://www.ezurentals.com/event/08octcn/highlights.asp
Session 1: CAT-iq/DECT RF Test Platform for Production and R&D
Presenter: Mr Per Ostergaard Nielsen from RTX Telecom A/S)

Session 2: CAT-iq at a Glance - Global Technology for Broadband Home Connectivity
Presenter: Mr Oliver Maiwald from DECT Forum

Session 3: CAT-iq Status
ETSI Standardization Status,
IAD Architectures and Solutions,
Silicon Solutions for IADS
Presenter: Mr Oliver Maiwald from SiTel Semiconductor BV

Session 4: Technology Investment Enabling CAT-iq Solutions by DSPG
Presenter: Mr Ran Klier from DSP Group Ltd

Session 5: CAT-iq Chipset Development at Infineon Technologies
Presenter: Mr Stenfan Kluwe from Infineon Technologies AG

  New Business Opportunity for Wireless Devices & Telecommunication Companies Seminar at Taitronics on 11 Oct 2010

Details of the seminars please aware http://www.ezurentals.com/event/201010/default.asp

RTX 2300 CAT-iq / DECT Complete Testing Solution

Opening up New Markets and Revenue Streams with CAT-iq

RTX 2011 CAT-iq / DECT Testing Solution

Integrate CAT-iq / DECT Technology into Home Gateway Devices


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