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EZU Rentals Limited (EZU) is a leading rental services provider in Asian Countries dealing with the Electronic Test and Measuring Instrument rentals. EZU is providing full range of services in the test & measuring instrument market from general instruments rental service, sales of ex-rental instruments to technical support to our customers. Provide quality calibration services to our customers with our own comprehensive calibration facilities is our organization backbone.

There are various kinds of test instruments for rent especially the telecommunication and electronic test and measuring products, such as Audio Analyzer, Digital/Transmission Tester, Frequency Counter, LCR Meter, Measuring Receiver, Network Analyzer, Oscilloscope, RF Millivolt Meter, RF Power Meter, RF Radio Communication Test Set, RF Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, etc.

Our business covers
Digital Design & Test
EMI/EMC Product
Microwave & RF
Electrical Testing
Recording System
Video Testing
General Purpose Testing Equipment
EZU organization foundation:
Based on customer-oriented doctrine
Provide innovative electrical engineering solutions
Guarantee quality services
Built a long-term business relationship with customer
Be creditable and trustworthy
Flexible rental arrangement
Cost effective rental services

We adopt a highly flexible contract system that there is no fixed contract and customers can cease or continuous to rent at any time they like without any compensation. In the EZU Rentals Plan there are 3 peripheral benefits:

-Rent-Free Period* (2 week rental free granted for every six consecutive rental months)
-Instant Swap Repair* (Rent 10 get 1 extra free)
-Temporary Suspend Period* (Temporarily defer the rental contract)

The major benefits of rental rather than purchase a new one are as follow:
Save Money
More Efficient
Less Risky
Avoid Obsolescence
Meet Short-Term Needs
Immediate Delivery (In Stock)
Highly Flexible
More Cost Effective
Strong Back Up Service
Non-interrupt Operation
Monthly Rental Payment
Discarded Repair and Calibration Cost

A new innovative and comprehensive IT information and infrastructure system will be launched in the near future. It provides Online Ordering and Tracking System which enables you to place an order conveniently. You can track your own record anytime and get an accurate status profile for every instrument you ordered.

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