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EZU Rental Plan

We have tailor-made several rental plans to meet our customer most demanding needs for
the modern electronics industry.

One Month to 2 Years
Some selected instrument is in EZU Rentals Plan
Rent is charging on a descending rate according to the length of rental period
( Please refer the details from Rental Price System )
Incomplete whole month rental may calculate on a 1/30 per diem basis
Large pool of inventory available
Longer you rent, the higher discount you get
  Basic Rent: $1,000
  Plan : EZU Rentals Plan
  Rental Period: 18 Months
Rental Month Discount on the Basic Rent Monthly Rental Charge
1st Basic Rent $1,000
2nd 10% off $1,000 x 90% = $900
3rd 20% off $1,000 x 80% = $800
4th - 6th 30% off $1,000 x 70% x 3 = $2,100
7th - 11th 80% off $1,000 x 20% x 5 = $1,000
Total Rental Charge $1,000+$900+$800+$2,100+$1,000=$5,800
Average Rental Charge $5,800 / 11 = $572
In other words,
the average monthly rental charge of 11 months = $5,800 / 11 = $572
Repair and calibration cost are discarded.
Easy cost allocation.
Immediate delivery.
Strong back up services.
Monthly rental payment.
Eliminate the obsolescence.
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